Fabrication Tools for Revit

Coming Fall 2019…


Use conventional Revit drawing tools to generate your design. Let Fabrication Tools for Revit automate your assembly creation process.


Create spool drawings from stored assembly settings. These stored assembly settings can be applied across multiple assemblies reducing your spooling time.


With an autonomous assembly spooling process, reduce your fabrication times, with drawings that communicate design intent clearly.



Our ability to automate assembly creation, for faster spool production, increases our performance from design through fabrication.” - Harvey’s Engineering


Fabrication Center

Coming Early 2020…


Publish your Revit assemblies to the Autodesk BIM 360 cloud with our Autodesk Forge powered integration. This connects your assembly process to your fabrication shops and general workforce.


Track your fabrication shops efficiency with a series of timers, task delegation, and assignment tracking. Reports give you clear insight to your company’s fabrication process.


Communicate remotely with fabrication managers, fabricators, and field employees in real time. Gain insight before problems arise and give quick feedback to streamline fabrication and field installation workflows.